2016: Arrive Alive

Safety Campaign

Learn more about vehicle and driving safety and to help us shed some light on this important topic.

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Download the PowerPoint slides for ACP’s vehicle and driving safety program.

Free Download

Learn more about vehicle and driving safety.

ACPs Environmental, Health & Safety Committee announces its second industry safety campaign.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 29,989 fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes resulting in 32,675 fatalities in 2014. Of these 29,989 fatal traffic crashes, there were 15,031 (50%) that occurred in rural areas, 14,509 (48%) that occurred in urban areas, and 449 (1%) that occurred in unknown areas. This campaign was designed to help you learn more about vehicle and driving safety and to help shed some light on this important topic. Please use the materials available on this website to refresh your staff’s training and knowledge on the topic.

* Data obtained from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and accounts for all crashes across all industries in the U.S. Data is not specific to the wind industry.

Training module and safety lessons


We have made available a one-hour-long training module in PowerPoint format. Download the Driving Safety at Wind Farms Training Module and review it with your employees at an October staff meeting.

The following lessons are also available:

Vehicle Inspection

Texting and Driving

Animal Encounters

Campaign Webinar Series


October 4, 2016
Smith Driving Systems: Driver Safety (A recording of this webinar is not available.)
Walter Cole
Vice President of Training

October 11, 2016
National Safety Council: A Deadly Distraction (watch in member portal)
Deborah Trombley, Senior Program Manager of Transportation Initiatives

October 18, 2016
GE Renewable Energy: Driving and Vehicle Safety (watch in member portal)
Dan Olson, Global P&S Safety Compliance Leader

Vehicle and Driving Safety Awareness Videos


Companies are encouraged to conduct weekly safety lessons during the month of October to discuss this topic with staff members. Use your staff meetings or toolbox talks to go over the materials provided. We have made the following videos available for you to use along with some handouts. Share them with your teams as a means to open a dialogue about safe driving.

Video on Vehicle Safety Inspection

As part of the AWEA Arrive Alive Safety Campaign, this video shows the steps for pre-trip inspection of your vehicle.

Video on Encounters with Wildlife

As part of the AWEA Arrive Alive Safety Campaign, this video focuses on ways to stay safe while driving in rural areas. Note, this shows videos of animal encounters with vehicles.

Additional resources

Campaign materials

In addition to the Monday safety lessons, we are providing you with the following additional resources. Please feel free to download the following documents and share and discuss them with your team. 

Order free Arrive Alive stickers for your team


The decals are available free of charge to member companies. To place an order, please send an email to safety@cleanpower.org and indicate the number of decals you need and your shipping address.


Ways you can participate

Get involved

Below are ways you can utilize the campaign materials and support the safety campaign. Have questions? Email safety@cleanpower.org.

Watch the webinar with your team

Download and share the materials on your company intranet

Use the materials in your training and safety meetings

Print the posters and display in common areas

Share the stickers with your team

Have questions?

Contact us

Contact us at safety@cleanpower.org.

A special thank you to the members of our Safety Campaign Working Group for designing and contributing to this campaign.

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