Keeping our Workforce Safe on the Job This Winter

With winter starting early around the country as snowstorms and frigid temperatures blanketed parts of the country, keeping the clean power workforce safe is of utmost importance to the development, construction, and operations of our wind, solar, battery storage and transmission systems.

Clean power helps diversify America’s electricity supply and keeps our electricity system strong during the blasts of cold weather in the winter. With winter conditions already in full force in some parts of the country, it is essential for the clean power workforce who are delivering energy to customers be aware of cold weather injury prevention while on the job. 

ACP provides resources to our members to help stay safe on the job. ACP’s cold weather injury training program and quick reference card, prepared by ACP’s Environmental, Health and Safety Committee members, are available for free for members. These critical resources include “Dos” and “Don’ts” related to cold weather preparedness and basics on cold weather injuries, symptoms, and treatments.   

Here are some of the “Dos” and Don’ts” for working in cold weather: 

  • Do start your workday hydrated. 
  • Do wear layers of loose-fitting natural fiber clothing 
  • Do understand the effects of wind chill and guard against exposure 
  • Do adjust the workload. Take breaks, warm-up, and avoid over exertion 
  • Don’t ignore the warning signs and symptoms 
  • Don’t think cold-related injuries won’t happen to you 
  • Don’t drive in extreme weather conditions or leave your vehicle when stranded or when in an emergency  

Learn more key tips for staying warm on the job this winter and download ACP’s cold weather preparedness materials by logging in to the ACP members portal.  Stay warm and safe out there! 

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