Exhibit at CLEANPOWER 2024

CLEANPOWER is the place to connect with all the major players in the U.S. wind, solar and energy storage industry in one place during one week.

CLEANPOWER brings attendees from across the spectrum of utility-scale clean energy industries together. It is designed from the ground up for the diverse industry and supply chain professionals who are powering America’s future. This targeted event delivers a valuable opportunity for exhibitors to connect with thousands of decision makers in the clean energy energy industry who seek new products, information, and connections to propel their businesses forward.

Why should your company be on the show floor in 2024?

Meet and connect with prospective customers

One of the greatest advantages of exhibiting at CLEANPOWER is that it allows you to meet and connect with prospective customers in person instead of communicating with them over the phone. On the phone, you’re just another voice – in person, you become someone that they know, recognize, and want to connect with.

Strengthen your bond with existing customers

While it’s rare for customers to commit to large deals over the phone or by email, CLEANPOWER offers an opportunity for existing customers to share their long-term plans, express interest in new services and a potential to place big orders with you. Your presence at CLEANPOWER will reinforce your position to your existing clients and your booth will become a meeting point for them too.

Learn about new developments in the industry

Exhibiting at CLEANPOWER doesn’t just give you the opportunity to make new sales and connect with existing customers – it gives you the chance to look at cutting edge developments in the industry and the opportunities they create. New products are introduced at the event because it is the one single event where all of the industry press and all of the major buyers are in attendance. It also gives you the setting to launch your new products and showcase them in front of the wind, solar and energy storage industry major players.

Scope out the competition

While your sales team uses the trade show as an opportunity to meet existing customers and connect with prospective ones, spend a moment looking at the other exhibitors to see what they’re doing differently from you. Great businesses are aware of their competitors, and trade shows are one of the best opportunities to connect with competitors and understand their sales strategy, their product positioning, and the reasons for their success.

Develop and strengthen your brand

Exhibiting at CLEANPOWER is a wonderful way to tell the industry that your company is serious, reliable, and large enough to afford its own presence at leading events and conferences. Build your brand recognition, because all of the major players and their products and services can be seen at CLEANPOWER every year.

Exhibitor Benefits

Marketing Toolkit

ACP has invested in a number of turnkey tools to help you increase your booth traffic at CLEANPOWER. And they are FREE to 2024 exhibitors! Spread the word to your network about participating, and drive more customers to your space on the show floor! The Exhibitor toolkit will be available 8 weeks prior to the event.

Your Customized Landing Page: These pages are permanent micro-sites that show off your presence at the event. Share them via social, in newsletters, or send the link directly to your prospects.
Referral Banners: Referral Banners are customized digital banners that you can place on your websites and in your newsletters to enhance your visibility and grow the CLEANPOWER audience.
Referral Email: This resource allows you to invite anyone and everyone you’d like to the event! Either upload a spreadsheet of emails and send through Feathr – or – export the message and send it using any email tool that supports custom email templates!

An example from last year’s event:

Discounts on Private Meeting Spaces

​We have an inventory of spacious and adaptable business pods on the show floor, meeting rooms on the convention center premises, and hospitality suites in hotels – all of which are ideal places for private meetings, discussions, and demonstrations. Reach out to exhibition@cleanpower.org to take advantage of the exhibitor discount.

Application coming soon.

Company Passes

Based on your booth size, exhibitors receive the following free passes, which can be used for your staff or customers that you would like to host at the event:

Booth Size Total Badges Booth Size Total Badges
100 SF 4 2600 SF 26
200 SF 5 2800 SF 27
300 SF 6 3000 SF 28
400 SF 8 3200 SF 29
600 SF 10 3400 SF 30
800 SF 12 3600 SF 32
1000 SF 14 3800 SF 34
1200 SF 15 4000 SF 36
1400 SF 16 4200 SF 38
1600 SF 18 4400 SF 40
1800 SF 20 4600 SF 42
2000 SF 22 4800 SF 44
2200 SF 24 5000 SF 46
2400 SF 25









Discounted Customer Passes

All exhibitors receive a 50% off code to share with their customers and prospects.

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CLEANPOWER Exhibitors represent every phase and every product of renewable energy production.  A booth gives your company virtually limitless opportunities to increase sales, reach new buyers, close deals, and strengthen your brand. Gain unmatched access to thousands of qualified buyers from every corner of the industry seeking solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

Email exhibition@cleanpower.org or fill out the form below with questions or to secure your booth today.